Monday, May 29


So, I’ve been chastised by a few for being lackadaisical in my blog posts. I have no reason, I have no excuse…I just haven’t had anything that I wanted to post about recently. To make up for my lack of updates, I'll start with an adorable (if I say so myself) photo of my girlies!

I have had quite a nice weekend that actually started on Thursday afternoon.

My dear friend Beth had this wonderful idea about a month ago that we should be secret pals for our friend Betsy. A little history…we met Betsy a year ago when she joined us for playgroup soon after or right before (I can’t remember exactly) her dossier was sent to China. I liked Betsy immediately upon meeting her! I remember sitting with her looking through the photo album of our trip to China in December of 2003. We have seen Betsy often over the past year and she has even hosted playgroup at her home and community pool while she has ever so patiently waited for her little girl. In fact, we had playgroup at her pool, the day I learned that the stork was flying with our referral for Mia. Anyhow…Betsy has had a very long wait with little support from her agency, which is very small and a less than positive experience with the all agency June DTC Yahoo group. And to top it all off, she has been coordinating a move to Seattle. When Beth suggested it, Erin and I jumped right on board. We had a wonderful time shopping for and planning our secret gifts for Betsy. It all culminated in the reveal of her secret pals on Thursday. Beth even created a new email account to communicate with Betsy about our plans for lunch. We decided that we would bring lunch to her and present her with our last gift. As it turns out, she got the best gift of all that day. When Beth and I arrived at her door we saw a sign on the door that said, “The Stork has Landed!” Beth and I looked at each other and started to laugh and cry at once! Little did we know that she had already received the call! Erin arrived a little later and we got to jump up and down with joy again! It was so special for us to share this wonderful day with our friend!! We didn’t get to see photos of her daughter until she emailed them to us on Friday, but as we already knew, she is absolutely adorable! Here are a few photos from our afternoon with Betsy…

Secret Pals Revealed...

Mia checks out Ella's stroller... "I love the pink trim...very chic!" "C'mon Betsy! Let's get this stroller rolling!" Oh yes, this will be perfect for Ella! Betsy was checking out my camera and took this photo of me and my girls. I love it!On Friday, the girls and I ran errands in the morning and napped in the afternoon. On Friday night, we cleaned and made preparations for Saturday. I totally overdid it on Friday and paid for it on Friday night. My foot was throbbing and it felt like the skin on the top of my right foot was going to burst open. I haven’t posted here about my foot situation yet. I’ve had a lump on the top of my right foot and a numb big toe for about two weeks prior to going to a Podiatrist last Tuesday. He was mystified by the lump, so he ordered an MRI. I had the MRI on Thursday morning, which was not really fun and did not qualify as part of my fun weekend! I’m certain that if I ever need to go in head first for an MRI, that I will need some happy drugs. I was in the MRI machine for 45 minutes up to my waist and started to feel a little panicked about half way through. I “talked” myself through it because I did not want to have to come back again after vacation. I brought the films home with me and in one image there is definitely a big blob on top of my foot that does not belong there. I’m going back to the Podiatrist tomorrow morning to see what it is…at least, I hope he’s going to tell me what it is. My original purpose for finding a Podiatrist was to get my bunions taken care of, but then this lump popped up, so I have to deal with that first. I plan to have surgery on the bunions in the fall. UPDATE: Since I didn't post this last night as planned, I've already seen the doctor this morning. I have a ganglion cyst, which is basically a jelly-filled cyst that is typically caused by some sort of trauma to the joint where it is located. Some sort of trauma? Like kids, dogs or husbands stepping on my feet? It's no big deal and I can have it drained if it starts to bother me or the doctor will take care of it when I have the bunion surgery. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Okay, back to my fun weekend! Saturday was my Forty-what? birthday! We don’t usually do anything big for our birthdays, but I decided that I wanted to invite my dearest friends over to celebrate. So, on Saturday evening Erin, Bob, Mollianne, Beth, Dave and G came over to play! We basically hung out, ate too much, had a few cocktails and laughed A LOT! Even though when Erin and Beth asked what they could bring and I said NOTHING, they both brought something including birthday gifts. I SAID, “NOTHING!” They don’t listen very well. Beth gave me a gift certificate for a bikini wax (there is a story behind this, but it is best left untold to the general public!) She really does like me! And, Erin gave me a gift certificate for a massage. Wow! I am blown away by my friends’ generosity! What a wonderful way to spend my forty-what birthday.
Emily sang, "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, my Mommy. Happy birthday to you!" Now that's enough to make a mommy get all teary-eyed. Baby Mia had already gone to bed so she missed out on the cake festivities.

Celebrating with my crazy, funny, beautiful (handsome for the guys), generous, loving, and did I mention crazy friends! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate forty-what?!

The rest of the weekend has been spent hanging out with the girls and packing for our vacation!

Sorry Melody…no foil bunny ears! However, with enough margaritas, I may tell you the bikini wax story! ;-)