Saturday, May 13

This and That...Woody, Pantry, Flowers, Pool

Since my last post triggered many tears, I thought that I would post an update on the miscellaneous things that have been going on in my glamorous world.

The other day when Emily got up from her nap she said to me, “Mommy, my woody had a good nap too.” Now what thoughts just ran through your mind? I can’t even tell you what I was thinking as I tried to process that statement from my three year old daughter. Eventually, my brain started functioning again and I started to ask questions. After several questions, I asked her to show me woody. She walked over to the space between her bed and the wall (her bed is on an angle in a corner of her room), she spread her hands out near the wall and said, “Woody is right here.” Okay, so now Woody is capitalized because he’s her friend. That night when she went to bed, she selected a pair of pajamas for herself and a pair for Woody. While I got Mia ready for bed, she tried to put the pajamas on Woody. Apparently, he wouldn’t cooperate, so I told her to leave the pajamas on the chair so Woody could put them on if he wanted to. So, I guess that Emily now has an imaginary friend named Woody who doesn’t wear pajamas!

On Tuesday morning Chuck asked me if I wanted to go to The Container Store. Well, duh! For those of you who may have never visited The Container Store…what in the world is wrong with you?! It is a mecca for organization – for those who are organized and for those who wish to be organized. I just love the place! So, when Chuck said that he wanted to go, I knew that I could (easily) talk him into buying things that he never knew that we needed and couldn’t live without! Well…$101 later and an afternoon of organizing, my pantry looks like this!

Notice the second shelf from the top in the photo below...the wire spice racks pull down! How cool is that?!

I didn’t spend the whole $101 on the pantry. I only bought the two pull down racks on Tuesday. I also purchased thingies to hold all the plastic lids that used to be shoved in a drawer (my primary purpose of wanting to go to TCS) as well as a few other things that we just couldn’t live without. I can’t believe that I’ve just posted a photo of my pantry…I really need to get a life!

Yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang, which isn’t unusual. But, what was unusual was Chuck opening the door partway and then saying, “It’s for you.” I went to the door and there was a delivery man holding a beautiful floral arrangement with balloons attached…
The card reads: “For all the things you do for us and for all the kisses and hugs that make us smile, we want to say thank you for being an incredible Mommy! Chuck, Emily, Mia and Hattie” I was gushing and boohooing all over the place. I have such a generous and caring husband. How did I get so lucky? And, to think that it all started with a Palm Pilot (that’s a story for another day…).

On Friday afternoon while Chuck finished up his shelving project in the living room, the girls and I tested out our new pool. Emily was about to explode if we didn’t have our first splash-fest soon! So, I slathered the SPF 45 sunscreen on the two of them, stuffed poor pudgy Mia into a bathing suit that is a tad too small, dug out the pool toys and we were off to the backyard. This was Mia’s first time in a pool, so I was anxious to see her reaction since she wasn’t very fond of the sprinkler park at playgroup on Tuesday. She fussed a bit when I first put her in the pool, but that was probably because I didn’t get in right away. She was a little cautious initially, but in no time at all, she was having a ball! When she finally sat down, she got a big surprise when she tried to pick up a toy off the bottom of the pool and her face went in the water! She came up sputtering, but finally laughed. We spent about an hour splashing around in our little backyard oasis until Emily’s lips started to turn blue. We need to get more meat on that girl! On the other hand, Mia and I were fine with the warmth generated by our thighs. I took this photo before we went outside. I didn’t get any photos of the girls in the pool since I was in the pool with them. It’s still very early in pool season, so we have plenty of time for more photos!
Finally, I received this cartoon in the mail from my Mom. Emily loves stickers and my mom gives stickers to Emily every chance she gets. We probably have a surplus of stickers that would cover every child in our town. My constant battle is to keep them off the "no sticker zones" in my house, which would include everything expect for Emily's shirt or skin! I guess that I can indulge Grammy...she waited quite a long time to spoil her grandchildren!