Monday, February 19

Check Out This DVD!

It’s a harsh reality in our world today that we have to teach our children about stranger danger. When I was a kid – back in day – I never heard those two words together. I’ve always been hyper vigilant about keeping my eyes on my children at all times and keeping them close to me. However, I am not going to be able to, nor do I want to, keep them firmly tucked under my wing forever. My oldest daughter just turned four and will be going to pre-school next fall and my two year old is outgoing and has no fear. It’s time to get serious about teaching my glamour girls to be safe.

Today on the way home from swimming lessons, we stopped at the library and checked out The Safe Side – Stranger Safety. Emily and I watched it this afternoon. It’s quite corny, but it teaches children about staying safe by using real kids to illustrate situations where they may interact with “Kinda Knows” like coaches and parents co-workers and “Don’t Knows” like a clerk at a store or someone in the park. “Safe Side Super Chick,” who reminds me of Sandra Bullock (let me know if you agree), tells kids that there are adults who can hurt them, but she doesn’t sound overly scary at all.

I was excited to find this DVD at my local library because I hate to dish out the money for a DVD when I’m not sure if I’m going to like it and if it’s going to be suitable for the girls. I’m placing my order for this hit with Amazon today!

After we watch it a few more times, I’m going to have Emily stick photos of her “Safe Side Adults” (Mommy, Daddy, Grandparents), our “Kinda Knows” (her coaches, the owner of our favorite pizza restaurant), and “Don’t Knows” (people who look friendly, but who we do not know) on colored construction paper. The DVD uses green, yellow and red cues throughout the show to illustrate Safe Side Adults, Kinda Knows and Don’t Knows so we'll use the same colors for our little project.

It is well worth sitting through this goofy movie to keep your children safe!