Sunday, February 11

From the Sofa o' Recovery

Hellooooooo! I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, but I have been confined to the sofa o’ recovery for the past two weeks and two days. The surgery to correct the oh-so-painful bunion on my left foot went off without a hitch…except that the surgery scheduling woman from the hospital called me at 7:30 AM, soon after I had my allowed cup of black coffee and dry toast, to tell me that they may be able to move my surgery from the originally scheduled 4 PM to 1 PM. I was excited and anxiously anticipated a call before 11 AM. No such call came, so I was hungry, but not too grumpy by the time I checked in at 3 PM. When I joked with my doctor that I was cranky because I didn’t have anything to eat all day, he laughed and told me that he had a good lunch. A good thing because I certainly didn’t want him to get light headed while holding a sharp instrument above my foot or good heavens while he was cutting bone!

The first week on the sofa was pure torture. I didn’t even think about getting online. GASP! I was in so much pain that I was in a foggy haze most of the day and night for the first seven days. Thankfully, I had asked my darling doctor to prescribe heavy duty pain meds before the surgery. I really needed them that whole week. It’s funny – odd funny, not ha ha funny – how differently ones body reacts to the same time of surgery. However, I’m happy to report that I feel A LOT better now! He took off the huge bandage on Friday and covered the incision with two Band-Aids, which left me feeling exposed and vulnerable. I’m glad to be free of the huge bandage, but my foot feels so tender right now that I almost miss the protection of the big bandage. He didn’t take the stitches out as he had planned because there was about a quarter of an inch section of the incision that was still partially open. It had healed underneath, but my skin on top had not closed yet. He also told me that I could start to walk on the heal of the boot with the help of my crutches. When I got home, I tried putting my weight on my heal…OUCH! This morning I had some pain while I tried to put a bit of weight on it while I was brushing my teeth. I confirmed with myself that our bodies feel pain for a reason…my body was saying, “Hello! Not ready to do that right now!” So, I continue with my upper body workouts getting around the house…mostly just to the bathroom and to the kitchen table…on the crutches.

I’ve also been sharing the sofa o’ recovery with Emily. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like every time the grandparents come to visit she gets sick. She started with a clear runny nose on Thursday and by Monday, I was on the phone with the pediatrician’s office at 8 AM (however, no one answered the phone until 8:45 AM…but that’s a whole other topic) to get an appointment. They could see her at 11:30 that morning. By that time, she was coughing non-stop…and, that is not an exaggeration. Three hours later…again, not an exaggeration, Chuck, my Mom and Emily are back home with prescriptions at the pharmacy and handwritten instructions from our pediatrician. Love her…not so fond of her lame office staff! Emily is doing much better now, but we’re still doing breathing treatments twice a day.

Mia is doing well and Grammy and Pop Pop are doing their thing to keep things moving around here while I am recovering. I’m looking forward to lunch at my house this Friday with a fraction of the M3 Crew…our sweet and zany friend, Christie is still with her family in California while her father recovers in the hospital. We continue to lift her and her family up in prayer and our faith in the power of prayer is helping her father in his remarkable recovery! And, Jamie…hello? We haven’t heard from you! What’s up?!

That’s about all that is happening in my little corner of the sofa! Now that I’m feeling better, I will post more and hopefully get upstairs to do a little scrapping soon.

Glamour Mommy signing off…for now!