Wednesday, July 11

Another Giveaway!

Those awesome girls – Janice and Susan – over at 5 Minutes for Mom are at it again with another awesome giveaway. And, to think that I almost missed the deadline to enter this one makes me shutter. I really need this way cool little gadget…more than I needed a years supply of bandages!

The NeatReceipts Scanalizer....I just love the name! It was first designed for business purposes, but they have expanded it to include many personal applications as well. The unique thing about this portable personal scanner is the software which stores, sorts and analyzes the data that you provide as you scan in your items.

Some of the at home suggested uses include scanning your children’s artwork, and your personal receipts and recipes. What about scanning magazine articles and organizing so that you can find them quickly for future reference? I love that one!

My desire to win stems from the paperwork being produced by Li Tian Designs. I have receipts from the supply purchases that I’ve made as well as receipts from my website and receipts from P*yP*l. I am already getting buried under paperwork and I’ve been in business less than 6 months!!