Saturday, August 11

Cutest T-shirts and Note Cards

I could hardly wait to share this awesome find with you, my faithful readers! I discovered the mega talented Diann during the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. As soon as I saw these African inspired note cards, I knew that I had to get them for my friend Christie. However, Christie decided that as soon as I ordered the cards, it would be a good time to get super busy, so I haven't seen her in weeks (gasp!). I could barely contain myself waiting to give these to her! Whew! Finally, got to do that last night and now I can share with y'all!

Click on the card to get more information on the note card and the organization that benefits from every purchase.

And, while I was online ordering, I just had to get this way cute t-shirt for myself.

Check out all of Diann's creations at Paint Puddles!