Monday, February 4

Winners Winners Everywhere!

My Bloggy Giveaway Winners
Congratulations to Rachel at The Other Huse, Amanda at oh Amanda, and Lisa at Osborn Odds ‘n Ends! They each won a Ribbonlicious Bag Tag from my store Li Tian Designs.

The NY Giants
My darling husband’s beloved NY Giants are the XLII Super Bowl Champions! And, what makes it even sweeter is that we live deep in the heart of Cowboy country!

And, the Biggest Winners
My dear friends Robyn and Paul received their referral today for a beautiful baby girl currently living in China! Two and a half years ago (hard to believe that it was 2005), I gave a presentation at our local library to a room full of families interested in adopting from China. At the time referrals were arriving about 8 months after a family’s paperwork was logged in at the CCAA in China. Emily was 2-1/2 years old and Mia was unknown to us, still living in an orphanage in China. Little did I know that this couple who made me laugh when they asked, “We’re meat and potatoes folks. What will we eat in China?” would become such dear friends. By the way, my reply after a short pause was, “Chinese food!” Robyn and Paul filled out their application on the way home and began preparing their dossier. Six months later, their dossier was on its way to China. And, then the wait for referrals began to lengthen and lengthen and lengthen even more.

While waiting more than two years, Robyn never complained about a situation that she could not control even though I know that her heart longed for her daughter and her arms ached to hold her baby.

Today, their wait to see their precious daughter’s face ended! Head on over to Robyn’s blog to see Avery Christine Xian! If photos aren't posted yet, check back a little later...I just got my first look at her and she is absolutely adorable!