Thursday, January 8

Happy Birthday Emily!

This little girl stole our hearts the first time we layed our eyes on this photo...

It seems like just yesterday that I gazed at this little photo of my first daughter, who celebrated her 6th birthday on Tuesday.

According to Emily, it was the best day of her whole life! We surprised her with a new booster seat that she has been longing for... She also received a new 16 inch bike. We didn't give it to her until we got home from dinner and it was dark outside, so she took a few spins around the kitchen island!
Thankfully, it was warm yesterday afternoon so she and Daddy went for a ride after school...
Happy Birthday Emily! You have blessed us in ways we never dreamed. I love that you care deeply about our world, have a strong desire to learn "everything there is to know about God" and that you love to perform. I am in awe of your beauty, compassion and artistic talent.