Wednesday, April 1

A Time for Everything

The line of scripture above has been my source of comfort over the past several weeks. I’ve had to make some choices about how I want to live my life and this passage reminds me that even though doors may be closing, others are opening.

One door that I have decided to close is my business, Li Tian Designs. I can’t believe that I’ve been making Ribbonlicious bag tags for two years! It seems like just yesterday I made my first tag and in other ways it feels like I’ve been tying ribbons for much longer than two years.

I have decided to focus more of my attention on digital art and the digital scrapbooking industry. It really is an extension of what I was doing with the bag tags and bookmarks because the design process was my favorite aspect of Li Tian Designs. The digital scrapbooking industry is booming and there are gazillions (that may be a slight exaggeration) of tremendously talented designers, but I plan to have a great time giving it a shot!

Credits: Papers and flower embellishment (Story of Us by Michelle Coleman); Font (CK Ali's Writing)