Tuesday, April 18

Happy Easter!

I have finally found a bit of time to post photos of the girls from Easter. They had a blast finding the eggs "hidden" in our backyard on Easter morning. E was so excited and running around the yard that she kept dropping eggs, so she had the opportunity to find more than the dozen that were out there! Once M discovered that there was confetti inside the eggs, she didn’t care about looking for anymore until she successfully emptied the one she currently had in her hand – piece by piece!

After our egg hunt, we took the eggs and a whole lot of confetti inside to open their “baskets,” which were actually adorable bags from Target (from the $1 section – I love a good bargain)! They each received a small toy – E, a four pack of hair clips and M, a small wooden puzzle – as well as a 2 oz carton of colored Gold Fish. Grammy and Pop Pop also left goodies – cloth books for M (good for chewing!) and a Disney sticker book for M (with over 350 stickers!). E was most excited about the Gold Fish and M was still mesmerized by the confetti in the eggs. We had confetti all over the living room and stuck to the bottom of our feet!

In the afternoon I made an Easter turkey, with mashed potatoes (real potatoes, by the way that I mashed myself!) and green beans. We had just had a ham earlier in the week and we were in the mood for turkey…so, it was an Easter turkey for us! Chuck convinced E to eat mashed potatoes and gravy by showing her the fine art of creating a volcano.
Yes, those are aluminum foil bunny ears on that turkey! E thought it was funny, Chuck was about ready to call the funny farm!

BTW, I actually could have posted Sunday or last night, but I have been wrapped up in and obsessed with finishing this video of our photos from China. It has probably taken me 40 hours to create a 33 minute video! Two reasons…1) I was learning a new program (Adobe Premier Elements) and 2) I’m a perfectionist. I finally finished adding the music last night. So after looking at it a few more times, I will hopefully be satisfied and burn it to a DVD this week. Then, it’s on to creating DVDs of the girls’ adoption stories!