Wednesday, April 19

I've Been Tagged!

My “friend” Erin tagged me, so now I’ve got to come up with 6 weird things about myself. Like a fool I said to my dear husband, who I believe really does love me, “I can’t think of anything weird about myself.” And, before I could take another breath, he rattled off several. Thanks honey! Okay, here goes…

  1. I have to rub my foot on the sheets to go to sleep. Chuck calls it “scrunchy toes” and Emily does it too!
  2. I put four ice cubes in my coffee every morning. I don’t know why he finds this weird. If I had to wait for it to cool off (rather than burning my lips off), it would be that much longer that I would be grumpy because I haven’t had my coffee yet.
  3. I have a very weak stomach. I can’t take my children on the merry-go-round because I get sick to my stomach and I can’t swing fast on our patio swing because it makes me dizzy. Amusement park rides? Forget about it!
  4. My pinky toes are what Chuck calls, “nubs.” They curl under, so I don’t really have a toenail on my pinky. The poor ladies at the nail salons always insist on trying to put polish on what is really a callous in my little toes to make it look like I have a nail. It doesn’t matter because the polish is worn off within a day! Please try not to look at my feet the next time you see me…it will make me self-conscious! Not really!
  5. I need to go to sleep on a heating pad most nights. If I don’t, I usually get so cold that I can’t go to sleep…even if I am doing “scrunchy toes”! It doesn’t matter if I’m not cold before I get into bed, but as soon as I’m in bed, I get cold. Sexy, huh?!
  6. I can’t drink anything with ice in it without a straw. I also hate to drink out of a can. If a glass isn’t available, I will drink out of the can with a straw, but I don’t enjoy it at all.

Not all that interesting, but there you have it! I’m supposed to tag six more people, but all my blogger friends have already been tagged.