Wednesday, April 5

My Glamorous Afternoon

Every once in awhile a small dose of glamour enters my real life. This afternoon I indulged in an hour and a half massage – yes, an hour and a half! My shoulders and neck have been aching since our return from China, and the middle of my back just felt tight and no amount of stretching relieved it. I’ve always felt that as soon as I was really enjoying a good massage, it was over. Since I had a gift certificate, I decided to treat myself to a full 90 minutes (it was actually 80 at the spa I visited). It was pure bliss! And, after the massage, I spent about 10 minutes in the sauna. Glorious! My hair frizzed out to rival Rosanna Rosanna Danna’s frizzy mane, but it was so worth it! Thankfully, I didn’t run into anyone I know when I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. Yes, my real life was waiting just beyond the soothing sea green walls, luxurious robe and that wonderful spa smell…you know the smell that I’m talking about: the one that you can never recreate at home regardless of how much you spend on at-home spa products. That light, clean smell that isn’t fruity or flowery – it’s just, well, clean. I’m heading off to the sanctuary of my master bathroom to soak in the tub now – it is somewhat of a sanctuary when the girls are in bed and I don’t have an audience. I won’t be able to recreate that smell, but a soak in Epsom salts (not so glamorous) will hopefully extend the benefits of my HOUR AND A HALF of relaxation today!

I guess that I wouldn’t be a very good friend if I didn’t share the name of the spa where I spent my glorious afternoon, would I? I went to Solaré Spa and Café in the Kroger Shopping Center at Legacy and Lebanon. The spa itself is small compared to others in the area, but they didn’t skimp on the atmosphere or service.

Night, night…my bath is ready!