Tuesday, April 4

Deal or No Deal

I'm beginning to think that my family has watched this latest TV craze way too much. Recently E has decided that she is going to add "no deal" to the choices that she is given. For example, when given the choice between carrots or peas for lunch, she'll say, "No deal!" We also sometimes negotiate how much longer she can stay up. It now goes something like this:

Me: We're going to head up to bed in 5 minutes.
E: Hmmm...how about 10 minutes.
Me: 8 minutes.
E: No deal!

How can you not laugh at that?!

What has really started to concern us is her dead on imitation of the models who open the cases on the show. She has a blue plastic case that we got at Hershey Park with a kid's meal. She will now stand in front of us and tell us that we have to say, "E, open the case." She has perfected the art of anticipation because she will open the latch and pause while peeking into the case and then she'll open it quickly with this big cheesy grin. Not that there is anything wrong with being a model and I'm sure those lovely young women are being paid nicely while hoping for a big break, but we do have bigger hopes and dreams for E! In the meantime, she totally cracks us up every day!