Tuesday, April 4

Three Girls and a Bunny

Yesterday morning I decided that I needed to get Grammy, Pop Pop and the girls out of the house for a bit. We have been under a sort of house arrest since Chuck had his surgery and we all needed a change of scenary. So, I packed up the crew (minus poor Daddy) and off to the mall we went! E's main mission was to ride the carousel with Pop Pop. Mine was to find a new handbag/diaper bag for Spring/Summer (which are one in the same here in TX!). While we were eating lunch, I realized that the Easter Bunny was probably there taking photos with children all dolled up in their Easter best. The girls were not in their Easter best, but I thought that we would take a stroll down and see what the line looked like. There were only three other families in line, so we decided to give it a shot. E has never been very good about taking photos with any type of character (not even Pooh at WDW) and M screamed at Christmas when Mommy held her on Santa's lap. E talked a good game the whole time that we were standing in line but as soon as it was her turn to sit with the furry guy, she wanted no part of it. We decided that Mommy would sit next to the bunny holding M and she could stand beside the bunny. It was a challenge to even get her to stand between me and the bunny. We finally got everyone in place, letting M hold onto the brush and E with a fake smile plastered on her face and the girl snapped the picture. We only bought two 3 x 5 prints for the girl's scrapbooks and we'll try again at Christmas!

Oh! And, I did finally succeed in finding a new bag! :-)