Friday, March 31

Day of Doctor Appointments

My glamorous day was filled with doctor's appointments today. This morning, M had her first appointment with a new Pediatric Opthalmologist (PO). A little recap on M and our PO saga. When we were in China, we noticed that M's left eye wondered and turned in quite a bit. As soon as we had our first appointment with our pediatrician, we made an appointment with a PO recommended by her doctor. In a nutshell, M is profoundly farsighted and as a result crossed her eyes inward to be able to see. When doing this, she would see double, so her brain turned off her left eye so she wouldn't see double. She started wearing glasses on December 14, 2005 and we patched her right eye in order to force her left eye to start working again. She has done well with both wearing the glasses and the patching. The first PO that we went to see is best described as arrogant and although I believed his diagnosis, there was no way that I would ever take my child to him again. It was an awful experience for both M and me. After asking our local adoption community for recommendations, I found the doctor that we went to see today. I love Dr. Moody! He took the time to chat with me and didn't seem at all bothered that M was screaming her head off. He said that she is doing well and that she is using both eyes although she still does favor the right eye. When she is using both eyes, they are working together and are fusing the images seen by each eye into a single image. We do not need to patch the right eye for now and he will see us again in three months. I felt like he was a partner and was truly concerned about and interested in M and our family. Hooray!

In the afternoon, I took Chuck for his first post-op appointment after the surgery that he had on his shoulder on Wednesday. Nothing much to report from this appointment since the surgeon's assistant took off the bandages, said the incisions (three 1 inch incisions) looked fine, gave us a prescription to begin physical therapy as well as a refill on the pain medication and sent us on our way. His shoulder is still quite swollen, so he needs to continue icing it as much as possible. He will begin three weeks of physical therapy three times a week starting as early as possible next week.