Tuesday, March 28

A Bit o' Venting

In addition to my dislike of actual cooking, I'm not very fond of grocery shopping. And, grocery shopping with two small children is a test in patience as well as a mother's entertainment skills. As a result, I try to make the shopping experience as quick and painless as possible and because I'm frugal, I shop at Wal-Mart. I also try to shop during non-peak shopping times to avoid congested aisles and long check out lines. This morning, the girls and I were at Wal-Mart before 9 AM. We had an extensive list because Grammy and Pop Pop are going to be eating with us for the next two weeks. The store was nearly empty - just the way I like it! We breezed through our list and I only had to backtrack once, which is pretty impressive. We check out and we're on our way back home around 9:45 AM. Perfect! I'll have just enough time to drop the groceries at home before heading to playgroup. Upon arriving at home, I realize that I don't see the girls' yogurt on the counter. My dear husband tells me to leave for playgroup, that he'll look for the yogurt. When we get home from playgroup and I begin to put everything else away, I realize that I'm missing a lot more than the yogurt. I'm missing more than $12 in grocercies, including a few key ingredients for the lasagne that I'm making tonight at Chuck's request! At this point, my head is about ready to pop off. I call Wal-Mart and the not so helpful woman at the service desk tells me that nothing was left at lane 7. Of course not! The lady who was behind me in line can now make lasagne for dinner tonight too. I am informed that I can return to get the items and to make sure that I bring my receipt. Not a convenient thing to do since I have two children who are napping and it's not a quick trip around the corner. In addition, my dear husband and my parents now have to stop to buy the key ingredients that I need because I'm cooking tonight! Really -- I know that this isn't some major catastrophe, but it is so dang annoying! So, make sure that you triple check that carousel thing at Wal-Mart to make sure that you have all your bags before you leave. The thing that really gets me is that I usually do check, but didn't check too carefully today because I was in a hurry.

Okay...I feel better just getting that off my chest. Thanks for listening to my ranting! :-)