Wednesday, April 26

Out of the mouth of my babe...

Emily talks and sings all the time and quite often she comes up with some very funny (at least to us) things. Here are a few of her most recent…

On Monday night after dinner, I said, “Come on let’s go,” as I do almost every night when we go upstairs to play before bedtime. Emily asks, “Where are we going?” As I’m heading toward the stairs, I quip, “To China!” And, without missing a beat, Emily asks, “To get some babies?” If only it were that easy!

The other night when I was putting her to bed, she starts this little conversation with me. Let me first give you the background…two weeks ago we went to a park with Mollianne and Erin. There were people fishing in the lake at the park and both said that they wanted to go fishing. Erin and I explained that we didn’t have anything to go fishing with and besides that seemed like a good activity to do with Daddy. So, I’m putting Emily to bed and this is our conversation…

Emily: Mommy, is Daddy going to take me fishing?
Me: Well, that sounds like something that you need to talk to Daddy about.
Emily: Mollianne is talking to her Daddy about fishing too.
Me: Oh! So, have you and Mollianne made a plan to get your Daddies to take you fishing?
Emily: Yes, we have a plan. Our Daddies are going to take us fishing…and soon!

And, this morning she was serenading us with this little song.

I can go peepee, I can go peepee
All by myself
Because I’m a big girl now
Yes, I’m a big girl now
I can go peepee all by myself!

I don’t think that we’ll hear this on the radio, but you can’t deny that my girl is creative!