Thursday, May 4

The $11.88 Pool Revised

Wow! It has been quite some time since I've posted. We were hit last Friday with some sort of evil brain eating, snot producing bug that attacked the whole family, so we were down for the count for a few days. Mia did not catch this bug, so we're all going to start eating what she eats! We are all feeling a lot better now and ready for summer fun! Which brings me to the subject of my post...

Tonight after our weekly trip to Luigi's for pizza (the best New York style pizza in the area), I told Chuck that I wanted to go by Target to see what kind of backyard kiddy pools they had because the one I was considering from Wal-Mart ($11.88) was sold out when I went shopping today. Now, we don't really need a pool for our backyard because we have a very lovely community pool that we take full advantage of several times a week during the summer. However, the backyard pool is fun for a quick run outside to splash around for a bit rather than schlepping all the kid's pool paraphernalia the two blocks to the pool. The one at Wal-Mart was your basic molded plastic model. Not the smallest one and not the fancy one with a slide, which I deemed as too dangerous for the girls, but the medium sized one that would comfortably fit both girls with room to splash around. Well...after considering the options, which ranged in price from $9.99 to $99.99 we came home with this!

I'm not quite sure that we even need to take it outside and fill it with water because the girls (and Daddy) had a ball with it in the middle of our livingroom tonight!

My three crazy "kids"!

So, now this what I didn't realize was so gigantic pool is leaning up against the wall in the hallway outside my dining room! I still can't believe that Chuck agreed to buy this!