Sunday, June 25

My New Minivan

I’m a Minivan Driving Mom!

Yes, it’s true. Yes, I admit that I, more than once, have said that I would never drive a minivan. Yes, I have laughed along with my dear husband as we joked about the dangers of driving with moms in minivans on the road…

But, the lure of a third row of seats that will make it easier to get around town when the grandparents come to visit, the sliding doors that glide open and closed with the click of a button, the middle seat in the second row that pops out to provide easy access to the third row, the hooks that hold grocery bags on the back of the third row of seats, and enough room for the third row, the double stroller and a bunch of groceries was just way too much to pass up! So, we traded in my year old Honda Pilot for a brand spanking new Honda Odyssey and I love it! Who would have thought that I could be so excited about a minivan, but I will humbly and honestly admit that I am!

Edited to Note: When I mention our fear of minivan driving moms, I was not talking about any of my friends who drive minivans. I was referring to those minivan driving moms who drive their minivan with the little tykes in the back while they (mom) talk on their cell phone, put on makeup and read the newspaper.