Friday, July 7


While I waited for both of my daughters, I went through various forms of nesting. I was either buying clothes, baby gadgets, or things that we would need to travel to China or I was decorating their room and then, tweaking it here and there or I was organizing. When I felt most frustrated about the wait, I would organize and organize and reorganize. It was something that I could have control over when I didn’t feel like I had control over anything.

I think that I may be “sympathy nesting” for my friends who wait. I don’t know what has come over me, but I have been an organizing fool! I reorganized all my scrapbooking supplies to move them closer to my work desk. This, of course, required the purchase of a new shelf as well as coordinating black drawers to hold my supplies. I hope that this newly organized space will spur me to start scrapbooking again. I am very behind on Emily’s book and Mia’s book is completely empty.

Some of those drawers look a bit empty don't they? I might need to do a bit o' supply shopping. Yea, that's what will really inspire me to get going on a few new layouts!

The “old” white drawers are now holding all sorts of printer paper in the closet near my computer armoire.

Today’s organizing project will be the guest room closet. As you can see, this closet tends to be a dumping ground for who knows what!

Ah yes…another glamorous day awaits me!

UPDATED LATER IN THE DAY...After 45 minutes in the trenches (closet), I emerged with a smallish bag of trash and a closet where guests can actually hang a few articles of clothing, store their luggage and a pair of shoes or two! Who wants to come for a visit?