Sunday, July 9

Three and a Half and One and a Half

My darling baby turned one and a half the last week of June and my sweet big girl (but still my baby too) turned three and a half this past Thursday. It’s hard to believe and sometimes accept that they are growing so fast. At the same time, it is such a joy and adventure to watch them grow and learn. This is such an incredible time in their lives and mine!

If you calculate backwards from the girls’ “half birthdays” you’ll find that they both have birthdays right around the holidays – Mia on December 27th and Emily on January 6th. As a result, my poor underprivileged children have not had a birthday party on or near their birthday. Of course, we have had small family celebrations, but nothing with party hats, horns, balloons and the all important goody bag! Now that Emily is three (and a half) she understands the whole birthday party thing, so we agreed to host a party for a few of their little friends. Mia doesn’t have a clue, but Emily is most interested in balloons and sharing cake with her friends!

So yesterday we had a gymnastics party at the gym where Emily takes gymnastics once a week! Here are a few of the 210 (again, not an exaggeration) photos that Chuck took.

The kids had a great time and hopefully, the parents enjoyed a quite afternoon while the tuckered out party-goers took long naps!

Finally, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our friends, we will be able to sponsor a child living in an orphanage in China for an entire year through Half the Sky Foundation!! I can't think of a better birthday gift for my girls than to learn the lesson of giving to others.

On a new subject...I am acknowledging that I have been tagged by Erin. I will work on my “sevens” post and I will also take a photo of my refrigerator and my pantry. Oh the silly things we do! Stay tuned…I’m sure that y’all just can’t wait to see the inside of my fridge!