Tuesday, July 11

Seven Things About Me

I know that you have been waiting with anxious anticipation to learn more about me, so here it is!

7 Things I would like to do before I die
Of course, I want to grow very old with my husband and see our daughters grow into beautiful young women, marry and make me a grandmother (good grief that sounds strange), so I wanted to list the seven things that I dream about doing with my husband and children…

- Travel throughout the United States while my children are young
- Take my daughters to visit their birth country more than once
- Travel to Italy, Australia and the Cayman Islands
- Spend a month (or more) in China working in orphanages
- Host exchange students from all parts of the world
- Own a beach house
- Swim with dolphins

7 Things I cannot do
- Ride on a carousel
- Sing well (I still do it, but not in public)
- Play a musical instrument
- Get to sleep when my hubby is snoring or there is any other noise in our room
- Watch scary movies
- Read in the car (it makes me nauseous)
- Eat beans

7 Things I can do
- Dance pretty well
- Sleep with the lights on
- Spend hours on the computer
- Sew
- Carry one 25 lb. child on my left hip and one 29 lb. child on my right hip at the same time
- Create…scrapbook pages, cards and all sorts of other crafty things when I have the time and inspiration
- Get my husband to suggest taking me out to dinner when I don’t want to cook

7 Things that attracted me to my husband
- His PalmPilot (that’s our little secret)
- His very dry sense of humor
- His integrity
- His work ethic
- His ability to keep up with me trudging through the streets of Boston in 20 degree temperatures without complaining once – He was smitten with me!
- His ability to love me with all my quirks and career changes
- His faith in and passion for God, me and his family

7 Things I say most often
- Love you!
- Give them to me! (Referring to Mia’s glasses)
- Get out!
- Give that back to your sister!
- Dog!
- Whatever!
- No ma’am, don’t even think about it!

7 Books I love
- The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
- Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
- Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See
- Imperial Woman by Pearl S. Buck
- Three Daughters of Madame Liang by Pearl S. Buck
- The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
- Good Women of China by Xinran
- On Gold Mountain by Lisa See

I have listed eight books because I needed to add one more and I have fewer than seven movies listed because I like books better than movies!

7 movies I love
- Titanic (the first movie that I saw with Chuck)
- Castaway (the last movie that I saw in a theater)
- Memoirs of a Geisha (I don’t think that I would have loved this movie as much as I did if I had not just finished the book before seeing the movie)
- Monsters, Inc. because Chuck and I would watch it while we waited for Emily and imagine our baby Boo with pigtails and big brown eyes.

That’s all I can come up with…I told you that I’m not a big movie person!

I have not had a chance to take a photo of my pantry and my fridge, so you'll have something else to look forward to in the coming days!