Tuesday, June 13

WFMW - Packing Earrings and Necklaces for Travel

For several weeks I've been reading Works-for-Me Wednesday tips over at Rocks in My Dryer. What a great idea -- to share what works for us with each other! Until this morning I thought that I didn't have anything to share. But as I packed to go on a mini-vacation with my husband, I realized that I do have something that works for me that might be a good idea to someone else.

This is a little trick that I picked up before I had children and traveled for work A LOT. I'm an accessory junkie (I'm talking necklaces and earrings...nothing too flashy!) and love to wear different accessories with each outfit (remember that this was before I had children...my every day accessories now include my watch, jade bracelet, engagement ring, wedding band and the same earrings EVERY DAY). Since I'm going away for five days without children, I took great care packing the outfits and accessories that I would wear while we spend our days touring wineries in California. (smile) Now that y'all hate me, here comes what works for me...When I select the accessories that I'm going to wear with a particular outfit, I put them into a small plastic bag and tuck the bag into the pocket of the skirt or pants. So when I get dressed in the morning, the accessories are right there ready to be put on. Works for me!

I also swear by Pack-Mates when I travel. Not only can you fit more into your suitcase, but your clothes are protected from any spills that hopefully don't, but may occur inside your luggage.

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