Saturday, June 10

A Few Random Silly Photos

Since it took me so long to get the Sea World photos posted, I didn't want to wait too long to post a few of my recent silly photos. These are the photos that I take and Chuck just rolls his eyes! :-)

Recently Mia has discovered that her ears make a good place to stash food for later consumption. Yes, that is broccoli in her ear! Last night she tried to put turkey in her ear and the following words came out of my mouth, "Mia, if I have to take you to the emergency room some day to have food removed from your ear, I am not going to be happy!" Yup, add that to the list of things that I never thought I would hear myself say!

This is just a sweet picture of Emily "reading" to Mia while I cleaned up the kitchen. The moments when Emily is actually kind to her little sister are becoming more frequent -- thank goodness!

We have many photos of our dear puppy Hattie sleeping (usually spread eagle in the middle of our bed), but this just cracked me up! I took this the afternoon that we picked Hattie up from "puppy camp" (read: the boarding kennel) where she stayed and played while we went to Sea World. We think that she whoops it up when she's at "camp" because she usually comes home and sleeps a lot.

The glamour girls (clockwise from top left: Mia, Emily and Mommy) wearing our new balloon flip flops from our dear friend Robyn. These flip flops are just so fun...just like Robyn! Emily wears them all day long and must be bribed to changed into other shoes to go out (the flip flops are a bit too big and she is forever tripping over her feet). Mia can't walk in them, so she sits on the floor and snaps the balloons. You will see me wearing my flip flops all summer! Thanks Robyn!