Wednesday, July 26

WFMW - Bath Counter Changing Table

I’m back from my short, unannounced – because it was unplanned – hiatus with a Works for Me Wednesday post!

What has been working for me since we brought Emily home is making the bathroom counter the girls’ “changing table”. The counter top is large enough to comfortably hold the baby (and now three year old Emily) and all necessary diaper supplies. I use a folded bath towel to keep the girls comfy. The sink is right there for especially messy situations and it is really convenient when we can’t use wipes on Mia because she has one of her bad rashes. And, I love that I can easily wipe it down and sterilize the counter with Clorox Anywhere spray. (Shalee raved about this awesome product last Wednesday!). I bought one of those contoured changing pads for Mia before she came home because I had a dresser in her room that I thought that I would use as her changing table. The changing pad has recently made its way to the consignment shop because I never used it!

In case you're wondering...the diaper pale is in the "wet area" of the bathroom where the bathtub, shower and toilet are located (in the photo above where the purple towel is hanging).

One more bonus may have noticed that I have plastic suction cup holders stuck to the mirror. We use one to hold toothbrushes and the other two have each girls name on it (love my label maker too!). I use the holders labeled with their names to hold medicine droppers or their face cloths. I love that they are up off the counter and it is so easy to toss them in the dishwasher to be cleaned.

It’s a simple thing that works for me! Check out more ideas at Rocks in My Dryer.