Saturday, August 26

For Christy...Rah! Rah!

Here it is! I know y'all have been checking my blog everyday just looking for this photo...LOL! This is my college cheerleading photo. My friend Christy challenged me to post my cheerleading photo and now that I have...Erin, please post your band photo!

I believe this was my junior year...maybe sophomore. I don't have any high school cheerleading photos, but I'm sure that my Mom could come up with one or two to bring with her when she comes down in two weeks.

On to other can read my friends blogs here, here , here, here and here to see what we've been up to and to see photos of my daughters! In addition to our social engagements, digital scrapbooking (my latest addiction) and our regular weekly stuff, I've been trying to get my house in order before I have surgery. I'm having surgery in two weeks to get rid of the bunion on my right foot along with that mystery cyst. It's interesting that the bunions are probably a result of surgery that I had waaay back in 1982 to remove bones from the ball of my foot that were broken from jumping up and down (cheerleading) in saddle shoes -- boy did I just date myself! Do I have to explain saddle shoes to any of you youngsters out there? Anyhow, because I don't have these bones, I don't have a normal rolling motion in my foot which the doctor believes has not given me the support to keep my big toe where it's supposed to be. Bunions! Probably more than you ever wanted to know about my feet. So, since my Mom and Dad are coming down to help while I'm laid up I thought that it would be nice of me to give them a fairly clean slate to start with!

The girls are napping now, so I'm going to see if I can figure out photo bucket or something similar to post a few of my digital scrapbook pages...