Tuesday, August 8

A New Blue Baby

One of Emily’s little friends is traveling with her parents to China next week to get her baby sister. We saw her friend, J today at playgroup. On the way home, we had this conversation…

Emily: I want to go to China with J.
Me: Why do you want to go to China with J?
Emily: To pick up a baby.
Me: Why do you want to pick up another baby?
Emily: I’m done with her [Mia] and I want a blue baby.
Me: A blue baby? What is a blue baby?
Emily: I don’t know.
Me: What color baby is Mia?
Emily: She’s a pink baby, but I want a blue baby.

This conversation went on for a bit longer, while I tried to find out exactly what she meant by a blue baby. I don’t think that she was equating a blue baby with a boy because she referred to the “blue baby” as “she” or “her” several times. Where oh where does she come up with these ideas?