Thursday, August 10

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen jobs that I've held over the past many years...

  1. Dishwasher at my friend’s aunt’s restaurant when I was 14 – I’m pretty sure that there are laws that would not allow this these days!
  2. Resident Assistant my senior year of college – pretty easy gig for free room and board.
  3. Babysitter – of course!
  4. Store clerk at a souvenir store on the board walk in Ocean City, MD – I kept this job for the three summers that I lived in OC.
  5. Counter girl at a sub shop next to the souvenir store on the board walk – this was my part-time job, which allowed me to eat for free several times a week.
  6. Busgirl during the morning shift at a restaurant in Ocean City – I kept this job only one summer because I had to get up too early, but it did allow me to eat breakfast for free several times a week.
  7. Front Desk Attendant – this was a job that I had in college, which involved sitting at the front desk of one of the dorms on campus to sign people in and out. It was extremely boring, but gave me some spending money!
  8. Department Manager of Women’s Shoes – this was my first big job out of college (with my Retail Management degree). It was a pretty fun job and I believe is what started my shoe obsession!
  9. Department Manager of Cosmetics – I got this position about 9 months before the department store that I worked at was closed. This job included frequent trips to New York City for cosmetic and fragrance launches. Talk about glam!
  10. Co-Store Manager at The Limited – I took this job after the above department store closed. This truly was the job from hell and is what led me to seek a new career far far away from retail.
  11. Purchasing Clerk – This was my next job. This was also interesting because somehow this position also included providing administrative support to the VP of Sales. He was rarely in the office, but I had to transcribe letters for him. I never used a transcribing machine (like a tape recorder with a gas/break peddle), but I figured it out and it did improve my typing skills. It was at a manufacturing company and I must say that it was a great company to work for at the time. I was able to work my way into Human Resources, which was my goal when I took this job. I will be forever grateful for Terri (geez, I wonder where she is today) giving me a chance!
  12. Pension Plan Administrator – this was my final position at above manufacturing company. It was at this company that I learned about the term “road warrior” since I spent the last 6 months at this company on the road. It turned out to be quite convenient since I was traveling to Massachusetts quite often while I was trying to find a job in Boston!
  13. Mom – my current position; also known as the Chief Operating Officer of our family. This is the hardest, lowest paying, most rewarding, most challenging, most time consuming, and most fun job with the best perks and opportunities to learn every day that I’ve ever had.
Now you know! What was your most interesting/unique/strange/fun job?

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