Saturday, August 12

Another Gem from Emily

There are some days that Emily may not be ready to lay down to nap in the afternoon. Some days, she just isn’t tired yet and other days, she just wants to fight sleep as long as possible. On those days that she isn’t ready or doesn’t want to nap, she has found things in her room to keep her entertained (in addition to the huge stack of “special” books that she keeps in there to avoid the clutches of her baby sister). The past two weeks, I’ve gone in her room and her closet light has been turned on. Yesterday, I went in to get her up when she woke from her nap. Here is our conversation…

Emily: Mama, look! The light is on.
Me: Yea, look at that. Can you show me how you turn the light on in your closet? (She is just 39 inches tall and too short to reach the switch while standing on the floor)
Emily: [Silence…]
Me: Show me. I won’t get mad. I want to see how the light gets turned on.
Emily: The animals do it.
Me: What animals?
Emily: All the animals.
Me: Can you show me how they do it?
Emily: [Silence…]
Me: Come on, ask them to show me. I won’t get mad. I want to see how they turn on the light.
Emily: They’re mad now.
Me: Why are they mad?
Emily: [In an annoyed tone] Okay, the black bear jumps off the sofa, walks over and turns on the light, then he goes back on the sofa. And, that’s how the light goes on.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to get any information about how the light gets turned on. I thought about setting up the video camera to capture the animals turning on the light, but then I got a little scared. I just heard the closet door open and close a few minutes ago. I guess that the animals turned on the light again, so Emily could play in the closet.

She cracks me up! I can only imagine what she and Mia are going to come up with once Mia has a vocabulary beyond, “No!” “More!” “Dog!” “Pooh” and few others along the same vein. Those of you who know Mia in real life know what I’m talking about. I can only imagine what my little comic is going to come up with, especially with the influence of her big sister!