Thursday, August 3

Thursday Thirteen #2

Happy's pizza night at our house! That means mama doesn't have to spend any time in the kitchen tonight -- yippee!

I was surprised and thrilled to be chosen as a featured blog last week with my very first Thursday Thirteen. Thanks! This week I have thirteen observations that I made this week...

  1. Whether your home is 900 square feet or 9,000 square feet, what makes it a home is making it yours. Filling it with the things you love, caring for those you love and mostly giving thanks for all that God has provided.
  2. My children really do not need a daily plethora of toys with which to play and many of you agree. I was surprised that I didn’t hear from anyone who openly disagreed with our decision. Well, except from my mom who called and said, “Give all those toys back to my granddaughters!”
  3. Our lives can be changed dramatically – forever – in an instant. This reminded me of something that we all know, but I don’t always practice on a daily basis – tell and show those we love that we love them and value them and that they are important to us.
  4. Good old fashioned customer service is a lost art.
  5. Prayer is powerful. I’ve known this for a long time, but its power was unmistakable this week.
  6. A small action can have a powerful effect on someone’s day.
  7. I have a wonderful home filled with so much love and happiness, but I really do need to get window treatments.
  8. When the flashing sign on the side of the road says, “Lane closures. Expect long delays” I should get off the road IMMEDIATELY!
  9. There is some malfunction in my brain that is keeping me from figuring out how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to create scrapbook pages. If you would like to come over to my house to show (I'm a visual learner) me the basics, I’ll make coffee (or iced tea) and run down to Corner Bakery for a cake!
  10. My 3 year old daughter’s idea of a treasure is quite unique. The other day her treasure box (a small tin lunch box from the $1 spot at Target) was filled with a photo of her baby sister (okay that one made my heart sing!) along with a used napkin, a piece of bread, the foil top from an apple sauce snack cup, and an old receipt.
  11. Our children are little mimics and when you’re least expecting it will do and say exactly what you do. Yup, I knew this one too, but I got a big ole kick in the pants reminder this week.
  12. I only wear about 1/2 of all the clothes in my closet.
  13. There are not nearly enough hours in the day to read all the wonderful blogs that I would like to read every day. I might need to sleep a little less, but oh how I like my sleep!

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