Wednesday, September 13

HGTV and Narcotics

It has been five days since I’ve had surgery on my foot. I felt great on Friday when we got home from the hospital. I had a great two hour nap while the doctor dug around in my foot to remove a small lump and correct my bunion. He put an epidural in my foot, so I wasn’t feeling anything on Friday. I was wide awake and chipper when Robyn, Erin and Mollianne stopped by after lunch. By Saturday, the epidural was wearing off and I started on Vicodin. By Sunday, the epidural was completely gone and I was popping Vicodin every four hours but wanted it every two hours. The pain was so intense and when I got up to hop to the bathroom the pain became excruciating. I laid on my back with my leg propped on two pillows all day watching the clock and nonstop HGTV. First thing on Monday morning, I called my doctor and asked for something stronger. Chuck went to pick up a prescription for Demerol. Oh yes! I was in a very happy place by Monday afternoon! I feel so much better today (Wednesday) and I have not taken any pain medication. I saw my doctor this morning and it felt great to have this boot off for a few minutes. But, alas it is back on and will remain for at least another 3 weeks. It should smell nice and extra funky by then!

The view from my sofa...

My faithful puppy at my side...

My parents came down from Pennsylvania to help take care of the girls while I’m laid up. They brought tomatoes – real Pennsylvania tomatoes – with them. Oh yum! It has been so hard to find good tomatoes since moving to Texas. Actually, I have never found good tomatoes in Texas! On Thursday, I made myself a long anticipated tomato sandwich for lunch. I can’t decide whether the first sandwich that I had on Thursdaya or the sandwich I had for lunch after my surgery on Friday was better! These tomatoes are nothing like you get in the markets in Texas. They are deep red, meaty and have a fabulous flavor!

It tastes even better than it looks...And, it is beautiful!

Time for Debbie Travis' Painted House...TTFN!