Monday, October 30

Over the river and through the woods...

A summary of our trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to visit with Daddy’s Aunt and Uncle who I and the girls have never met.

Three bags, one cooler and one pack-n-play

Two blankies, two can’t live without stuffed animals, and two plush pumpkins

Six hours in the car with two potty breaks and one lunch break for a visit that lasted a total of eight hours

One hotel room with two double beds

One toddler who cannot sleep in the same room with Mommy because said toddler will scream until Mommy takes her out of the pack-n-play

One double bed with one mommy, one toddler and one preschooler

Three uninterrupted hours of sleep plus numerous catnaps during one very long night

One preschooler who thought the whole thing was one big exciting adventure

One tired Mommy who returned with a head cold and who needs to clean up the house for our final post placement visit with our social worker this afternoon and squeeze in a visit to the dentist to get her broken tooth fixed and who really just wants to wrap herself in her own blankie and sleep.

It was a nice visit and I'm glad that we got to see Aunt Joan and Uncle Art who have been so generous with their gifts since we got our girls. In fact, we are now the proud owners of four more can't live without stuffed animals -- a dog and a cat for each girl!

Photos will be posted later...I have to start doing everything that I should have done when we got home yesterday afternoon!