Wednesday, November 1

No Tricks Only Treats!

I admit that Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays. I'm just not into dressing up and I'm not fond of scary things, so it's just one holiday that I used to overlook. Now that I have children it's a whole new ballgame! This is Emily's 3rd Halloween and Mia's 1st. This year we were also joined by our friends Erin, Bob and Mollianne for trick-or-treating fun.

The cutest witch ever!

Our bouncy little Tigger!

Putting a spell on Daddy.

Can you believe that she stood perfectly still to let me draw her whiskers?!

The Tigger, the Witch and the Princess...ready to go!

I bought four mega bags of candy at Wal-Mart on Monday...we have 3-7/8 mega bags of candy left plus the haul that the girls brought home. Next year will someone remind me to buy only one bag of candy?!