Thursday, November 2

Our New Baby Sister!

We are so excited to introduce Guo Jing Yong!

Now before y'all go getting in a tizzy, let me explain...

Thanks to the generous donations received at Emily and Mia's 1/2 year birthday party in July we are able to sponsor this beautiful little girl for a year through Half the Sky (HTS).

JingYong was born on February 15, 2006 and is currently living at the Beihai (pronounced "bay-hi") Social Welfare Institute in the China province of Guangxi. JingYong was sent to the HTS Baby Sisters Infant Nurture Program on June 20, 2006, when she was four months old.

In a June 30, 2006 report her nanny wrote the following…

“The first time I met her she just stared at me without any expression.

Ten days later we have already gotten familiar with each other. She always blinks her eyes happily once [she] sees me, seeming quite happy. Now she starts learning to turn over and support her body with both arms when [she] lies on her stomach. She is able to uphold the upper part of her body away from the bed, turn to look around and turn over half a circle sometimes. When [she] lies on her back she can turn to lie on her side freely; when I support her to sit she can erect her head straight.

JingYong can respond to familiar people with different expressions and often smiles at me when [she] sees me. If I talk to her she will babble to me in reply.

Next three months I will teach her to sit up and crawl forwards.”

From what I can tell from my own research, the meaning of her name is…

Guo means nation/country…likely the last name given to all children at Beihai to honor their birth country. The pinyan word for China is zhong guo.
Jing means quiet
Yong means always/forever

We hope and pray that JingYong joins a forever family soon. We will share any updates that we receive from Half the Sky about JingYong’s progress. If she is adopted, we will receive reports on another child who will benefit from our year long support.