Wednesday, November 8

Works for Me Wednesday - Zappos

I haven't posted a WFMW in quite awhile, so I thought that I would jump back in with this little gem of a online shoe store endorsement...

I love Zappos! I've seen their little ads in the back of magazines often, but never went to check them out. The ad says that they carry all sizes from extra narrow to extra extra wide and have free shipping both ways. I hate to pay shipping, so when I needed to start looking for extra wide shoes to wear after my bunion surgery so that my toes would no longer be smushed and therefore, undo the effort of the surgery, I checked out Zappos. Loved it! Here's how it all played out...

10/21...placed order online for the same shoe is 8 EW and 8.5 EW
10/ delivered to my door
10/25...dropped 8 EW at UPS Store with label provided by Zappos attached
11/ for returned shoes appears in my checking account

So easy and so fast!

You can search for shoes by size, width, color, price, style, and heel height. You can also set up a list of favorites on their website. They aren't bargain shoes, but it is worth it for me to invest in good shoes after having this surgery and they have a huge selection.

Works for Me! BTW, I don't work for Zappos, know anyone who works for Zappos and I am not getting anything in return for this little tidbit!