Wednesday, December 20

This and That

Today I have a miscellaneous mish mash of this and that...

Sometime during the kickin' party that we had earlier this month, we got to talking about safes...not sure how we got on this topic, but we did. So, my husband comments that he saw the one that he likes at Lowes and my mouth opens and I say, "Oh honey, just go buy it!" To which all the men grunted and cheered for Chuck. So, here it is...THE SAFE! Don't go getting all excited if you're a safe cracker stalking my's primary function is to hold paper documents that are not worth any money at all! Yes, for some reason, we require this enormous thing to hold the adoption documents! Sigh...I love my husband!

At lunch last Friday (this is a link to Robyn's blog that has a recap of lunch and photos of my girls), Jamie gave the girls kits to grow a snowman and a tree. So, the other night set up our snowman and tree and very carefully added the "magic" water. I told the girls that they would grow overnight while we were sleeping. Emily wanted to know why the snowman didn't have to go to sleep. I guess that he doesn't have a mean snowman mommy who insists that he go to bed! Chuck wanted to know why I was growing mold.

The next morning we gazed in amazement at our "fluffy" snowman and tree. Emily jumped up and down until I added the "sparkles" to the tree and some for the snowman too. So, thanks to Mrs. Dr. Matt, I have even more glitter floating around my kitchen! Love ya J, but enough with sending glitter to my house! The snowman got kind of creepy looking because the "snow" grew up over his happy smile so you could only see his eyes.

Grammy and Pop Pop sent Christmas ornaments for the girls and we were given special permission to open these gifts before Christmas so we could put them on the tree. Emily received a Disney Princess ornament that lights up and a Rudolf ornament with a glowing nose. Mia received a Santa with arms and legs that move and a Pooh, Eyore and Piglet ornament. THANKS Grammy and Pop Pop!

And, here you have it! Evidence that I can (and do) bake! I was feeling bad because my little family did not have any Christmas cookies to snack on because Grammy is not here this year (boohoo!) and she has been sick, so she hasn't baked anything to send to us. So even though I hate to bake and I try to avoid it, we got this to make cookies. We made the chocolate chip last night and they're pretty good...not as good as Grammy's, of course, but they'll do in a pinch! We're going to make the sugar cookies this weekend.

And, some last minute advice...You better watch out; You better not cry; Better not pout; I'm telling you why; Santa Claus is coming to town!