Thursday, December 21

My Very Own Santa...Delivered Early!

Let me tell you about my day thus far…

I mopped the kitchen floor as well as the foyer, hallway, powder room, hallway to the garage and the laundry room this morning while the girls ate breakfast. I had to use an actual mop and bucket because my Hoover Flip-It broke (probably from overuse) earlier this month. So, I had to mop with the bucket of floor cleaner and water and then, rinse it with a bucket of water and vinegar with a second mop. As sweat poured down my back, I reminded myself of the calories that I was burning.

The girls finished breakfast and I repeated the same process in the breakfast nook. This required two passes because the floor under their seats was horrendous!

Then, I jumped in the shower while they watched PBS. I drug them away from the TV to get dressed so we could be on our way.

We only had a few things to pick up, so we went to Kroger. Why or why did I go there? I walked out of there with a $113 bill and my cart was half full! I spend less than that for an entire weeks worth of groceries for my family at the Wal-Mart. But, I (thought that I) didn’t have time to schlep to the Wal-Mart and deal with the last minute crowds. Although it probably would have taken less time because I spent more time standing in line waiting for one of the two cashiers that they had working at Kroger than it would have taken to drive to Wal-Mart.

After lunch, the girls went upstairs to play for 20 minutes before naptime while I cleaned up the kitchen. Just as I’m walking through the kitchen with two Aleve in my hand because I have finally given in and admitted that this raging headache was not going to go away on its own, I hear a huge crash. But it was not your normal crash of toys being dumped out of a bucket or a tower of blocks falling to the floor. It was the sound of Mia’s face hitting the wall…I could actually hear her glasses hit the wall. Oh no, not a good sound at all! The “crash” was followed by a blood curdling scream and then that deep breath in with no sound following. I sprinted up the stairs to see a screaming Mia standing at the gate with her mouth hanging open and blood pouring onto the front of her shirt. Oh, this is not good at all. And, Emily was standing behind her looking absolutely petrified, patting her on the back saying, “I’m sorry Mia. I’m sorry Mia.” After lots of cold water and a white wash cloth that is now a shade of pink, I determined that her top teeth put a nice little gash in her upper lip. It didn’t come all the way through, but it quickly turned into a nice purple grape. When everyone finally calmed down and my heart started beating in a normal rhythm, I got both of them into bed for a nap.

I head back downstairs to find my Aleve sitting on the kitchen table. Oh yea, really need that now. I sit down to finish my tea and take a little breather when the dog starts her protective “daddy is out of town, I must protect the mommy and the babies” bark. The UPS girl is at the door. Just great! Just as I get everyone calmed down, the dog starts barking.

So, I sign for my packages and open the big one addressed to The [insert my last name here] Family. This is what I see…

I dig around and pull out these…

I’m starting to feel quite a bit better because they contain these…

COOKIES! Cookies baked (from scratch) by Grammy (aka my Mom)! I swear that I can hear angels singing! Chocolate chip cookies…my favorite! And, Ginger Snaps…Chuck’s favorite!

And, to make the delivery even better…my monthly shipment of wine from Viansa!

Oh yes! Things are starting to look brighter at the house o' glamour!