Wednesday, February 28

When You *Think* You Can't Be The Mommy

You know those days when you long for a vacation…or at least a short break…from the day-to-day trials and tribulations of mommyhood? When the children are less than darling. When milk spills and tears follow. When everyone is whiney, including you. When you’re so tired that it is physically painful to make one more PB&J sandwich or pour one more bowl of Cheerios. You all have those days, right? Please tell me that you do!

However, when you find yourself on crutches when you can get up and on the sofa when you can’t, you long to do all the mommy things. I long to make the sandwiches, wipe the bottoms, give the baths and tuck them into bed. I even find myself wanting to clean and go grocery shopping!

My foot is finally healing and I’ve been able to walk a bit without the crutches. Of course, I over did it on Monday because I wanted to be in mommy mode! So, I spent all day yesterday on the sofa with my foot up and had to use the crutches again. Lesson learned: I am not superwoman! On the upside, I have been able to use the time to read and write…things other than blog posts! I have also been able to use this time while my parents are here to spend more time just hanging out with the girls. I need to adjust things in our “normal” schedule so that we have more time to just hang out when I am able to do all the mommy things. Because that’s the very best part about being a mommy!

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