Friday, March 2

Welcome to the House o' Glamour!

Hello! Have y'all been doing a lot of visiting today? I bet you're stuffed sampling all the goodies out there. When I checked in at 5 Minutes for Mom this morning there were already 143 links posted. Wow! So many overachievers… Just kidding!

Today at the House of Glamour things are very casual…very casual! Don’t worry about what you’re wearing or if your hair is even combed. No photos of me this morning, but I will describe what I’m wearing so you will feel really great about yourself today! I am wearing my favorite red, black, white and green plaid flannel pajama bottoms, a very old soft white t-shirt from The Limited (bought it when I worked there in 1989), and an equally old – maybe even older – grey sweatshirt that is turned inside out because the outside is very soft. Yup, it’s what I slept in last night. I’m on the sofa o’ recovery and my foot is propped up again. The ol' foot feels pretty good, but now I have some kind of freaky rash, which we think is a reaction to the iodine that was being used to try to get the incision to heal. Oh the drama! And, the glamour!?

I thought that I would post a few tidbits about me and my family...and just so you know that I’m not a crazy lady who lives on the sofa all day in her pajamas. I am usually showered and dressed running after my two glamour girls!

One of my favorite digital scrap pages of me and the glamour girls from December 2006...

A Bit About My Glamorous Life (the blog)…
I started blogging on March 20, 2006. Wow! I’ll need to get this on my calendar to mark my one-year anniversary! When I was creating my blog, I was trying to come up with something clever that meant something to me and my little family. When my husband and I became first time parents in 2003, we were shocked that our 11 month old daughter did not come with a user’s manual…but if she did, it probably would have all been in Chinese! So, our first months were full of trial and error as we navigated poop, puke, tears, snot, chicken pox, breathing treatments, and many sleepless nights. In an effort to keep myself from going off the deep end when I was so very tired, I would say to my husband, “I never imagined that my life would be so glamorous!” And, we would laugh like crazy!

Fast forward three years…we have a second daughter who we adopted in China almost exactly two years after we adopted our first daughter. My life is more glamorous than ever and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Two of my favorite photos from our two trips to China...

A Bit About Me...

Well, I suppose that you can start in my sidebar because that really provides lots of clues. I'm trying my best while I try to find the balance between being the mommy, the wife, the friend while I also try to be a student, a writer and an artist.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with tidbits about the Glamour Girls and other things.

Have fun! I’m off to go visiting…hope they don’t mind me showing up in my jammies!