Thursday, March 8

Hey There! Here I am!

I don’t know what it is…maybe I burned myself out with too much partying the first few days of the Ultimate Blog Party…my foot is still a mess…I’m frustrated because I’m not able to get up and go like I’m used to doing…the TV in the living room is broken…I can only surf so much before my old eyes go buggy on me…and, I just cannot bring myself to post something on my blog! Maybe I’m trying too hard. I don’t know what it is, but I have got to get out of this dry spell!

Watch out! Here comes the famous brain dump!

Great weekend! My darling hubby built slide out drawers for two of the lower cabinets in the kitchen. I’m not sure that it actually gives us more space in these two cabinets, but it does make getting to the plastic wear and baking dishes so much easier! Love that man!

But wait, it gets even better! I’ve been bug…er, asking him nicely to build some shelves at the top of the pantry. There is about three feet of dead space up there that I could put to use and I can only stack things so high before it becomes dangerous to open the door. So, he built this! The shelves and the sections above the lowest white shelf that you see is all new. I just gotta brag…how awesome is my man?!

On Saturday night, the M3 posse – my best friends in all the world – had a date night with our husbands! Here my handy hubby and I are ready to leave on our date...

We went to a dinner theater in our little town. Christie was without her darling husband for dinner because he was an actor in the show. We had a great time messing with the actors and rolling our eyes at the actresses! We didn’t really pay attention to the murder mystery and guessed wrong on who done it.

Either my husband is totally oblivious or he's a good actor! BTW, she was the murderer.

After the show, we headed over to Valerie and Gary’s beautiful home for (more) dessert. We decided to play Taboo – boys against the girls. This was the first time that I played this game and it’s a lot harder than it sounds…what a scream! We must have burned off our huge dinner and two desserts laughing as much and as hard as we did. The girls kicked some boy butt!

American Idol…Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to AI and I found that there are many other mom bloggers out there with the same addiction. I don’t know what it is about this phase of the competition, but it seems like some of the contestants don’t take it very seriously or they think that they're better than they really are. What makes them think that they can sing Mariah or Whitney or Stevie? Hello! As good as y’all think that you are to make it this far – and, they are all very talented – you are not in the same league. Except for LaKesha and Melinda…those two girls can sing and they don’t need to win AI to make it big!

I have been able to make it upstairs periodically to do some digital scrapbooking, but I even feel a bit stuck there too. I’ve downloaded a few new kits that I’ve played around with a bit, but I haven’t been able to get on a roll. I did make new inserts for my Princess Purse. They are simple, but I love the cheerful color. Can you tell that I’m ready for spring? I used the Lime Tea kit from Nancie Rowe Janitz.

I am excited about a new crafty project that I want to try. As soon as I can get out to Wal-Mart and Michaels to get a few supplies, I will give it a go. I plan to have a few samples done – or almost done – when the M3 posse gets together on the 30th for a “create til ya drop” get together. These are so very cute…everyone is going to want one!