Friday, May 4

Up to My Elbows in Ribbon and Off to Retreat!

My poor glamorous blog has been neglected because my little business venture has taken off! I officially launched Li Tian Designs 12 days ago and have sold 20 tags already! I have been designing and tying ribbon like crazy! I love the whole design process and my customers have been so enthusiastic about their tags when they receive them. Yeah!

I didn’t really know if people would buy my Ribbonlicious Bag Tags, so I started out with a few simple designs and posted what I had on Etsy. Obviously, people do like them and they will buy them…in quantity! Now that I’m getting a better idea of what people are interested in, I plan to have a tag ready to list again on Etsy as soon as the current one sells. Does that make any sense? As long as it makes sense to me and I always have my entire line listed on Etsy all the time, it’s all good!

I have also done three custom designs. I worked with one customer to create a design to match her favorite bag and another customer wanted tags to add to a collection for her daughter and niece (butterflies and bumble bees). That was a really fun process!

This weekend, I’m taking a break from bag tags to attend a Christian women’s retreat with three of my awesome friends. I’m looking forward to relaxing and rejuvenating. I hope that this weekend of praise, worship and sisterhood will leave me refreshed and allow me to return home a better wife, mother, friend and businesswoman!

See y’all next week with updates from the weekend and some new Ribbonlicious Bag Tags!