Thursday, June 28

Home Sweet Home!

We got home from our mini vacation on Tuesday night and are getting back into the swing of things at the House o’ Glamour.

*Check out Mommy and Emily's matching glamorous Nexcare bandages!
We had a great time! We went to our adoption agency’s annual reunion on Saturday. There was a downpour (which was a recurring theme for the weekend) before we arrived, so everything at the park was soggy. The event itself was lackluster, but seeing friends from our travel groups was a lot of fun. Most importantly, the girls had a blast digging in the sand on the “beach” at the lake! I forgot my camera on Saturday, so you will have to wait until Robyn and Erin return to see photos of Emily’s “lovely home for the ants” that she built on the beach.

We headed over to visit with Chuck’s brother Mark and his family on Saturday night. We haven’t seen them since New Year’s Day and of course, we had a great time visiting. Right before we arrived, Mark came home with Pat’s new scooter that she is going to ride for her 4 mile commute to work each day. With the price of gas continuing to rise, this is the way to go!

This trip was the first time that Mia slept in her air mattress/sleeping bag. She was so excited about it that she couldn’t settle down on Friday night. She eventually crashed and slept through the night! Our baby is growing up too fast!

On Sunday morning, we packed up the van and headed out to Fredricksburg where we visited two wineries. We also stopped to buy peaches and tomatoes…yummy! We didn't try the Goat Cheese Pops though...

Just as the girls were ready to have a complete meltdown, we rolled into Schlitterbahn. We checked in and made our way to our apartment. The place was really nice. It was formerly a doctor’s office that was recently converted into four apartments. We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small sitting area and kitchenette. After unpacking and a quick change, we headed over to the water park where we had dinner and splashed around in the kiddie play area. The main purpose being the release of pent up energy from three little girls who had been sitting in car seats for too long!

Glamour Girls...

The next day involved more splashing and swimming in between rain storms. This has been the strangest weather for Texas. Who would have thought that we would be dealing with soggy weather instead of raging heat near the end of June?!

In spite of the weather, we had a great time!

Our travel buddies, Robyn and Erin continued on down to San Antonio when we headed home on Tuesday. More photos will follow after their return! They seem to be the House o’ Glamour’s official photographers!!

Updated to add...we now have 1,014 Nexcare bandages left!