Thursday, June 21


Is what a year’s supply of bandages looks like.


When I got home from my marathon of errand running today, I found this big box in the dining room. I could not imagine what it was since I didn’t remember ordering anything. Obviously, I forgot that I won the 3M Nexcare bandages at 5 Minutes for Mom!

Here’s what we got: 8 boxes of Tattoo bandages (2 each of Ratatouille, Emotions, Disney Princesses and Winnie the Pooh – that’s 160 bandages); 3 boxes of Brights with Extra Cushion & Stick (total of 60); 9 boxes of Waterproof bandages in a variety of sizes (150 total); 13 boxes of Heavy Duty bandages (258 total); 7 boxes of Comfort Fabric bandages (150 total); and 10 boxes of Active Sport bandages (240 total).

If you lost track trying to add in your head, that’s a grand total of 1,018 bandages. Seriously!?! To utilize all of these bandages in one year, we would have to use 2.789 bandages per day. Unless I put out an email to my community informing my neighbors that they can stop by the House o’ Glamour for a bandage, we’re going to have our supply for longer than a year! I am praying that we won’t have the need to use all of our 1,018 bandages in a year.

Thanks again to Susan and Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting awesome giveaways! And, thanks to the folks at 3M for all of these Nexcare bandages…they’re awesome. And, they just didn't toss the bandages into the box. They included a very nice letter congratulating me on winning the bandages and wishing my family a summer full of skinned knees. No, the letter didn't include that last part, but Mr. Carter, Communications Manager did wish my family a nice summer! Who would have thought that I would be this giddy over bandages!

I’m off to pack for our long weekend mini vacation…since we’re visiting a lake park and a water park, I think that I’ll toss in a box of the waterproof bandages!