Tuesday, June 19

Our Baby Sister!

We just received another progress report for our baby sister, Guo Jing Yong.

This photo was taken on December 20, 2006 when she was 10 months old.

Here is the report written by her nanny:

She was assigned to me by the nanny supervisor from other nannies. Now, she can crawl using her wrists and knees. Whenever she comes to the activity room, she can crawl everywhere to seek her favorable toys. She can look back and smile to me while she crawls with holding a small ball in one hand. When I respond to her smile, she gets more excitedly and crawls more quickly. She can stand up and sit down freely with holding on something. Also, she is able to step when I hold her hands. She can understand the simple words said by adults and acts following those words. When I teach her shaking head and clapping hands, she follows me to do these movements. Sometimes, she repeats several syllables, such as “mama” and”dada”. She likes me to teach her speaking, and touches my mouth when she is happy. She prefers to play outdoors. Every time we go outside, she watches everywhere happily, being curious about everything, especially the flowers and grass.

In the next quarter, I plan to teach her walking.

I have once again searched Yahoo groups and blogs when the last batch of referrals arrived to find out if she has a family. I couldn't find anything this time. Her birthdate is February 15, 2006 so she is now 16 months old. She is just adorable and I long to know that she has a family to love her forever and ever.