Friday, July 27

And, the winners are...

Okay, at 1:16 PM today I posted that I was going to contact my winners and post here after I got the girls down for a nap. It really didn't take that long to get them down for a nap... I reeeeeally needed to take a shower after spending the morning at the pool, so I did that first...and a few other things! [Sheepish grin]

I am shocked and thrilled and tickled pink that I received close to 250 comments for my giveaway. I’m telling you, I might giveaway something every week! It sure was fun getting all these comments! And, your comments were all so very kind...thank you!

The following ladies have won a Ribbonlicious Bag or Bible Bookmark from my online store, Li Tian Designs!

Aubrey from Little Bits of Life
A Blonde Blogger from So a Blonde Walks into A Blog
Kathy from Highlights from Higher Ground

Congratulations, ladies!

I really wish that I could have given a tag to everyone who left comments. Really, I do, but I must fund my ribbon obsession, so I cannot! But, you can visit Li Tian Designs to order your very own Ribbonlicious Bag Tag or Bible Bookmark!