Wednesday, August 8

Pre-school Prep is Fun!

At the House o’ Glamour, we’re getting ready for 4 year old Emily to start Pre-K three weeks from today. Wow! That is a shock to my system to say (type) that out loud!

Although we have been practicing some of the skills that she’ll need as she enters the world of school outside our home, there are some areas that we haven’t practiced at all. Lunch, for example. I’m not saying that we don’t have lunch daily, but lunch at the House o’ Glamour is not like she will experience at school. So, this week I have started to pack lunch in her brand new Tinker Bell lunchbox. I am available to help her open containers, just like her teachers will lend a hand, but she is responsible for deciding what order she is going to eat what I’ve packed and that she eats her meal within the specified time allowed for lunch.
This is also great for me to get into the habit of making lunch the night before and getting it into the lunchbox before 8 AM, which is when we will be getting ready to leave the house. Next week, I will be committing to getting up early enough to be showered and dressed before the girls get up. I’ve heard that it takes two weeks to make a new routine a habit, so I’m giving myself two weeks and a few days. And, so we begin a new season and a new flow to our lives at the House o’ Glamour.

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