Sunday, August 5

Hot Shoes Hot Date

I’ve gone from wearing this to wearing these…
*You know, they don't look all that high in this photo, but the heel is 3"...I just measured!*

Those of you who know me well, know that I adore high heels. Unfortunately, my feet have had other plans. Prior to the bunion surgery, wearing most high heels was painful. Obviously, since the surgery in September and January, my feet have been in, as my mom would call them, sensible shoes. But, I pulled out these babies and wore them out to dinner last night with my awesome and oh so fun dress that was a great bargain on sale!

Look Mom, no bunions...only scars that are fading and don't hurt!!


Alrighty then, that was the beginning of the post that I had planned for today after enjoying an evening out with my handsome husband to celebrate our friend Michael’s birthday. It was to be a surprise. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out to be the hot date that we expected.

We drove an hour to a city nearby to join our friends at a small and oh so chic French restaurant. We got there a bit early, but were shown to our table right away where we each ordered a glass of wine. My wine hadn’t even been poured when my cell phone rang. I looked at it and it said, “Home.” I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach. I rushed outside to speak with our babysitter who proceeded to tell me that Emily had just thrown up. I asked a few questions and told her that I would call her back. I went back to tell Chuck and just then friends of our friends who we have never met arrived. Chuck called home again. Emily wanted us to come home (duh!), but said that we could eat something first. After about 20 minutes, our friends arrived and Michael was very surprised that we were all there! After a bit of chit chat, we told them our situation and decided to leave before getting anything to eat.

So back in the car and another hour later, we arrived home. Chuck and I ended up eating the leftover pizza that we had ordered for the girls and the babysitter (yuck!). It was a long night at the House o’ Glamour, but I am happy to report that Emily seems to be feeling much better today!

By the way, Chuck did tell me that I looked H-OT!

So, we plan to get together again with our friends and their friends, but I think that we're going to have to find another babysitter.