Thursday, October 12

Making Progress...

Whew! Long time, no updates from the sofa of recovery…it has been craaaaazy around here. The big news to report is that I am off the sofa of recovery more often now. I graduated from the big boot of torture to this smaller “shoe” last Friday. And, for all who inquired, Dr. Makes Me Sweat made me sweat again! I swear…he tries to bend my big toe more than it bent before the surgery. My other toe doesn’t bend as much as he tries to bend this toe when he tries to make it touch my ankle! So, now I have to massage it and bend my toe several times a day. I bend it to the point where I get a good stretch, but not up to my ankle! Here is my pretty new shoe...

Pretty, isn't it? Wait! It gets better!

Yesterday, I went shopping for new shoes. I go back to see my doctor next Friday and he told me to bring my new shoe. So, this is what I had to buy. Oh yes! I am not kidding…there it is – at the height of all fashion – on my left foot. Those who know me in the real world know that I very rarely wear sneakers…let alone sneakers as ugly as these!

They are men’s double wide – yes, you read right – double wide Sketchers! I want to get a shirt that says that “I do not normally wear shoes this ugly and I would not choose to wear them”…except that I don’t normally wear t-shirts with things printed on them! I will endure and those who love me will not judge me by my ugly shoes. I am working toward something like this...maybe by next fall...sigh...very practical for a mommy of two, huh?!

On top of my own recovery, we have had to put Emily on breathing treatments again. After Mia got over a stuffy nose, Emily started. However, with Emily it turned into a major cough that would not stop. She took a big left turn for the worse on Friday night. Of course, right as the weekend begins…whenever she gets sick it’s either on a Friday afternoon or in the middle of the weekend. Thankfully, our super awesome pediatrician’s office has Saturday morning hours. We called right away on Saturday morning and within an hour were on our way to see Dr. K. He heard her coughing non-stop in the waiting room and quickly got us into an examining room (much to the relief of the other mothers in the waiting room with their children) and started her on a breathing treatment. He prescribed a bunch of meds and sent us for a chest x-ray. Just as Chuck was backing my wheelchair out into the waiting room, Emily threw up. Good thing we know this is a common thing when Emily coughs a lot and we were prepared with a towel. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have great aim and it happened so fast that she got me, her blankey and Winnie the Pooh. So, off to the hospital we go for the x-ray smelling oh so nice! Even before we got home Dr. K called to let us know the results of the x-ray. He is so awesome that he went down to the hospital to read the x-ray before he left for the day. She has bronchiolitis, which is like bronchitis, but affects the small airways in the lungs and is often caused by the RSV virus. Yikes! Last night she finally slept through the whole night. Hallelujah! I’m worried about this being caused by the RSV virus and am going to revisit it with our regular pediatrician.

Here is a photo of Emily and Mia taken by their Pop Pop yesterday. Emily saw these pumpkins while I was trying on sneakers and convinced Pop Pop that she and Mia needed them! He's such a pushoever!

Happy Fall!