Wednesday, October 4

Fall is in the Air

Chili at Don't Try This at Home announced that she would be hosting a Halloween Open House. She has invited us in blogland to post photos of our Autumn and/or Halloween d├ęcor on October 31st. My dear husband loves Halloween so he is always eager for October 1st – the official day o’ decorating at our house and we typically do a fair amount. What usually occurs is this…Chuck will get the storage boxes out of the closet and somewhat randomly place our various Fall and Halloween items around the house. Then, I will come through and actually decorate. You all know how that's done, right? I put some things in storage while adding the seasonal items. Since I’m still on crutches, I haven’t been able to redecorate after the initial decorating. Here’s a preview of the Halloween Open House at the House of Girlie Glamour…

This is my view from my perch on the "sofa of recovery". The pumpkin in the center actually lights up and flashes off and on and the Pooh on the left and the pumpkin on the right are the girl's trick-or-treating buckets. You just gotta love him for trying – and we do!