Wednesday, October 25


I was firmly reprimanded by a few of my friends for my lack of posting. These are friends who I see on a regular basis…not a daily or weekly basis, but still quite often and yet they feel the need to read posts about what is going on in my (not so) glamorous life.

So…here you have it!

I have rejoined the two shoe world! Yes, I’m thrilled to be out of the lovely and stinky surgical boot, which was followed by the “makes me walk like the hunch back” surgical shoe. However, I am now forced to wear sneakers. My kind real life friends say, “They aren’t ugly.” And, some have even said, “They’re cute.” The first group of friends are lying and the second need to go shoe shopping with me! I know that loads of my friends wear sneakers and they are quite cute, but they are not for me. I don’t like how they feel and I don’t like how they look on me. A second element of the torture is that I have to wear these sneakers all day. The first day that I had them on for 12 hours, I about lost it! I am usually barefoot in the house, so having my feet stuffed in big, ugly, hot sneakers is sheer torture, I tell ya! To make matters worse (in my mind), I ordered a second pair of sneakers from Zappos (way cool concept if you’ve never checked it out), so that I’m not forced to wear the same sneakers every day. They should arrive today. Oh goody! Now I will own two pair of big, ugly, hot sneakers of torture! The new ones are all black, so they will be my “dressy sneakers”. Did I really just type that?

Grammy and Pop Pop left today after gymnastics (Emily did the gymnastics, not the grandparents). They have been here for seven weeks helping out with the girls and me while I have been recovering. I honestly have no idea how people can have this surgery and either not have any help at home or go back to work in two weeks. I know that it is not an option for them and I am thankful beyond words to have the extended help that I had. I have no plans to ever have surgery on my feet again after I get done with my left foot, so I was determined to not do anything that would jeopardize my recovery and the long term success of the surgery. In addition to having them here to help, we had some fun too! Of course, they adore the girls and spend every possible moment with them. My mom and I also got to enjoy a night out with my friends and their moms. That was cool! We even went shopping at the mall (me in the wheelchair) and to the Pumpkin Farm yesterday. Hey Grammy and Pop Pop…it was so much fun, let’s do it again in a couple of months! Yes, I need to have the bunion corrected on my left foot too and that’s the one that hurts the most. So, I will return to the sofa of recovery (hopefully) early next year. I want to get them both done and over with as soon as possible so I can keep up with my girlies! And, eventually wear cute shoes again!

I have a lot of post ideas whirling around in my head. And, now that I’m getting back on my normal daily routine, I hope to get to them. I did a lot of blog reading while I was laid up and found some interesting topics, which I would like to give my two cents on if anyone cares. And, my head has cleared enough to get back to reading. From my Fall Into Reading book list, I have finished The Kitchen God’s Wife and The Mommy Manual. I loved both and will post my review soon! I’m currently reading three books – Artist’s Way (it’s a twelve week process that I’m just starting on), A Love Like No Other: Stories from Adoptive Parents (had to put this one on hold because of the next book) and Beyond Good Intentions: A Mother Reflects on Raising Internatinally Adopted Children (only have a two week check out on this book from the library). And, Emily and I are almost through Winnie the Pooh.

Finally, here are a few photos of my glamour girls…

What happens when baby glamour girl Mia does not get her way.

Emily has started to take an interest in "reading" to cute!

Mia having "naptime" with her best buddy (Pop Pop)!

Princess Emily on her way to a royal birthday party.

This photo is so Mia!

Our "every day" crowns at the House of Glamour!

This is an awful picture of me, but I've included it as self-imposed punishment for not posting more often and to redeem myself with my blogger friends. Am I forgiven?